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Ostrich Eggshell Beaded

N1001 Long Rolled Necklace

N1002 "Snakebone" Necklace with Brown Chevrons

N1003 White "Snakebone" Necklace

N1004 "Snakebone" Choker

N1005 "Big/small" Necklece

N1006 Leather with Ostrich Eggshell Chips Necklace

B2001 "Snakebone" Bracelet with
Brown Chevrons

B2002 "Snakebone" Bracelet

B2003 Rolled Bracelet

B2004 Spiral Bracelet


B2005 Big/Small Bracelet


B2006 Cuffed Bracelet with
In-line beads

B2007 Cuffed Bracelet
Rowed beads


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